The King Returns!! #BlackPanther #Marvel #MCU #NerdNation

Today Marvel Studio’s dropped a new trailer for next year’s upcoming movie Black Panther. This trailer in my opinion was AMAZING!! It gave just enough to make you want even more than you already were craving for. There were so many little gems in this trailer that just completely had me hype.

One of my favorite things about the trailer is the BEAUTIFUL cinematography. I mean this movie looks beautiful. The colors schemes, architecture, and overall look of this movie is just amazing. You can definitely see the amount of detail and work that’s being put into this movie.

The next awesome thing about this trailer is Eric Killmonger. I mean WOW. We see a lot more of him, and then we get this bad ass scene of him dawning his Golden Jaguar suit. Which looks like an alternate version of the Black Panther suit. The only differences is instead of silver accents, it has gold, and a few other distinct details. The way his suit came onto his was absolutely one of the biggest highlights of the trailer. I was definitely hype for it.

Another cool moment that we saw was when T’Challa was standing in front of two Black Panther suits. So now we know that there will be multiple suits for him in this movie. This makes me even more excited. This movie just has so much potential, and I can’t wait for it. If you haven’t seen the new trailer, or just want to watch it again, you can watch it here. So, until next time…..NerdNation Unite!!!!

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