((Flash Fans)) The End is Almost Near!! Spilling the Tea on The Flash Season 4

Screenshot_20171004-191205.pngGood afternoon to all Flash fans around the world! As we’re all waiting with baited breath for Season 4 to premier on October 10,  I know many of us are looking forward to THE event of the season: Barry and Iris’s wedding!!

Season 3 left us standing in the dust holding our wedding invitations immersed in a steady flow of tears believing we would finally see this superhero couple get married.  And yet…it wasn’t to be.

Barry’s speedy sins of the past caught up with him, forcing him to join the reckoning of the Speed Force.

The clips of Season 4 are FIYAH!!! Barry sports a BEARD (*sigh* *slides to the floor in a perpetual state of longing and lust*) and looked damned good in it too!  We saw Barry in a hospital bed *crosses legs* with Iris and Joe at his side.

Will he remember his life before the Speed Force?  Or have his memories disappeared in a the blink of an eye? Let’s hope not. Once was quite enough thanks to Julian and Cisco.

Another character I’m excited to see is Killer Frost.  Danielle Penabaker gave AH-MAZE-ING performances as the wintry, evil queen of ice and mayhem.

Penabaker certainly proved she could transform from a mousy character like Caitlin to one bad ass, cooler than cool chick–definitely an ass kicking force to be reckoned with.

However and comma, we have no clue what we’ll see in Season 4.  During the end of Season 3, Caitlin/Killer Frost confessed although she wasn’t KF, she definitely wasn’t Caitlin either.

Soooo…who will she be now?  Will this character pull a Jean Grey/The Phoenix complex out of her hat? (X-Men)  We learned Julian won’t be there to protect her, so… *sigh*.

Poor, poor Cisco.

He tried everything in his power not to engage in a battle with Frost only to end up vibing the *#%@ out of her.  Tsk. Tsk.  Will he hook up with the busty viber babe from another time?

I will scream from my rooftop if the writers finally let him get the goodies.  Cisco definitely needs sexual healing after being cooped up in Star Labs day after day with nothing but cool metal in his hands.

I mean…how much can the poor man take before he explodes? Literally.

And let’s not forget the lady of the hour: ((Iris)) I cannot WAIT to see her wardrobe in the new season.

She is the most stylish and chic character that ever battled super villains (behind the scenes) in the history of superhero mania.

((YASSSSSSSSSSS)) After all Savatar put her through, this girl deserves to walk down the aisle on Joe’s arm waving her fist and bouquet in victory.

After all, who wouldn’t want to wake up to Barry for the rest of their lives? Sheesh.

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