Static Shock: A shock to your System!! #NerdNation #Static #MelaninMonday #animation #comics #cartoon #comicbook #titans #dccomics #dcuniverse #Milestone #dakotaverse

What’s up everyone?! Today I’m kicking off #MelaninMonday with none other than Virgil Hawkins, A.K.A. Static!! This is one of my favorite comic book characters ever. So today, I’m going to tell you a little about him, and who knows, maybe if help make some new fans.

Static was created by Milestone Comics founders Dwayne McDuffie, Denys Cowan, Derek Dingle and Michael Davis. Static was initially written by McDuffie and Robert L. Washington III, and drawn by John Paul Leon. Static made his debut in Static #1 (June 1993), one of the titles published by Milestone Comics, an imprint of DC Comics. After the closing of Milestone, Static was incorporated into the DC Universe and became a member of the Teen Titans. This resulted in static, and a few other fellow Dakotaverse heroes to crossover also.

While a high school student, Virgil Ovid Hawkins gains a variety of electromagnetic powers and becomes a costumed crusader against crime. He gets his powers due to exposure to an experimental chemical. His happened because he was going to get revenge on some gang members that bullied him at school. It was a big fight between two gangs, and the cops showed up and threw tear gas with radioactive markers so that nobody could get away. The officers didn’t know that the tear gas had been spiked with an experimental mutagen called Quantum Juice(Q Juice). This event went on to be known as the Big Bang. The people exposed to this were referred to as “Bang Babies”. After these events, Virgil takes on the superhero name of Static, and begins his career as a superhero.

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