Summerslam 2k17 Results and Review #Summerslam #Wwe #Wrestling #Nerdnation


Okay so first off this was amazing! However The kick-offs only mentionable fight was between The Usos and The New Day(c) for the Smackdown Live! (SDL) Tag Team Titles. 

Starting strong and using their numbers to their advantage the New Day were taking it to the Uso twins Xavier Woods being the first man in 

Jimmy decides to tag in his brother and they perform one of many tag moves stomping a mud hole into the loud mouthed Woods.

Xavier Woods getting stomped by The Usos.

Taking advantage of the least active fighter the Usos DOMINATED Xavier Woods. Wisely making the decision to tag out Xavier calls in Big E after receiving another tag team move.

Big E turns the tables and uses his sheer strength to slow down the barrage of tagging the Usos have been using to maintain the status quo. 

The Usos however gained the upper hand again and managed to overcome their giant opponent and regain the SDL Tag Team Titles.

Jimmy Uso pays homage to their father Rikishi by performing the Stink Face
A staggering double kick by the Usos
Jimmy smiles at his brother Jey as the belts come back home to the Usos.

Skipping right into the business (John Cena def. BAron Corbin in a dull fight as the first match) Natalya fights Naomi(c) for the SDL Woman’s Championship. 

Naomi serving up some GLOW

Starting off Strong Naomi shows off her athletic skill with her signature Fired Repeated Kicks and Head Scissor DDT. 

However, her momentum didn’t last long as she was quickly overcome by Natalya.

Natalya performing an insane Abominal Stretch.

Ending the match with her family’s Finisher the Shapshooter, Natalya achieves victory and becomes the new SDL Womens Champion which made me really happy she is super under rated her talent speaks beyond her gimmick.

The Big Cass vs. The Big Show match was kind of disappointing. It had all the means to be an amazing match with both of these men of Titans size strength it just screamed lack luster.

The best part of the match was the Trash Talker Skywalker Enzo Amore hovering above them caged and acting crazy per usual. I can’t express how much this guy cracks me up. From taunting Cass to running around in the cage and taking his pants off before lubing up to escape the cage this guy was solid gold.

Enzo being raised above the ring caged

But Big Cass predictably Big Boots both The Big Show and a recently escaped Enzo Amore to win his match.

Sasha Banks goes onto defeat Alexa Bliss(c). I was jumping all around the room on this one Sasha Banks is my fav right now she goes hard!!!

Both these women were going HAM. I’m not a fan of Alexa Bliss but I will admit she has spunk. All you saw was Alexa Bliss flying all around the place off the top ropes and Sasha Banks throwing out kicks and back stabbers.

Alexa dragged Sasha quite literally for a while slamming her with 5 feet of fury.

When it started to look like there was no way Sasha was goig to leave with the belt tonight she turned it around like a BOSS.

In the end Sasha served Alexa that ass on a platter makING her tap with the Banks Statement and became 4x Raw Womens Champion!!

Next up was Randy Orton vs Rusev. This match was a staggeringly fast w for Randy. HE DESTROYED Rusev. Rusev got a couple tosses and blows in but altimately Randy came full of rage about the almost jumping Rusev tried to set up. 

The match between the Demon Finn Balór and Bray Wyatt was pretty one sided as well. Bray Wyatt tried and failed miserably to play out his usual mind tricks on Balór to no avail

Succesfully pulling off the sister Abigail it looked like Bray may have had victory in his grasp until Finn kicks out and from then on mutilated The Eater of Worlds.

All I can say next is

Coup de Grâce!

 A newly reunited Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins go on to challenge Sheamus and Cesaro (c) for the Raw Tag Team Titles. 

Now this one was hard. I love Dean and Seth like nobody business but at the same time I hold a special place in my heart for Cesaro. That dude has the skill to demolish almost any one on the to roster single handedly in a singles match but we are talking a tag team match here. So that isn’t what happened. Sheamus ain’t someone to sleep on either but he is selfish…. Extremely so. He has surprised me with his ability thus far to not betray his partner but he still does things for the glory and that’s where they went wrong. But all in all the match was sooooo worth the watch.

The best part of course is we got Hounds of Justice/The Shield back!!!

I am not big on Aj Styles(c) or Kevin Owens. I know they are both incredibly talented superstars but their gimmicks annoy me. However, out of the two I prefer Owens and was rooting for him to take the belt. Unfortunately that isn’t what happened. Owens put up a fight slamming him and delivering a mean cannonball senton.

But Aj in the end retained the United States Chamionship.

The Shinsuke Nakamura v. Jinder Mahal fight broke my heart. Shinsuke is my dude man. I wanted him to win so badly! Hid strong style is so amazing he doesn’t care about gimmicks or hooks he is himself and I embrace that fully. Jinders come back had been a huge one(literally he doubled his muscles mass during his time away!) Shinsuke was actually doing amazingly well until of course the Singh Brothers appeared and cheated (again) resulting in the loss. Jinder retained the Universal Title (and loses everyone’s respect!!)

Before i talk about the last match let me say screw Brock Lesnar. Dont get me wrong I love him and his arsenal he is literally a beast but I don’t respect people that only show up to PPV’S. Everyone else here working all year around for the company you should be able to make appearances when you want and get paid more than every other superstar for it. That being said the last match was the best by far!! This Fatal 4 Way was LIT!!!!!! There was Samoan Slams, Superman Punches, Yokosuka Cutters, German Suplexes, F5’s, Muscle Busters and Coquina Clutches galor!!!!!

Beasts face off

I was literally running around screaming this while match! Everyone easy getting them hands! Nobody was just standing there getting whipped they wanted that Heavyweight Title and you can tell!! 

People getting slammed through tables, tossed in the air, grounded and pounded it was an all out slobberknocker as J.R would say.

After all the chaos Brock Lesnar ended up retaining the title and walking out the arena leaving many pissed off people behind. 

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