The Defenders Make A Powerful Debut!! #NerdNation #TheDefenders #Netflix #ThePunisher

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NerdNation Unite!! Whats up everybody? So today im going to be talking about the premier season of The Defenders. This show to me is amazing all the way around. Good story, development, acting, cinematography. I really love how they associated each of the character’s with their respective color scheme. It was really neat, and dont in a very creative and unique way. Even the action, and fighting scenes were done really good. I mean the opening scene of the show was DOPE, and in a way set the tone for the rest of the show as far as the fighting scenes go. I was a little worried about Danny’s fight scenes, because to me the fight scenes from Iron Fist a little on the weak side to me, especially for him to be the amazing fighter that he is. In The Defenders that is not the case, because he was AMAZING in this show. This made me really happy. Daredevil, Iron Fist, and Electra all had some really awesome fight scenes. Everytime a fight scene was starting, I immediately became excited. I also loved how they were able to tell and show many different parts of the story, and then bring it all together at the end. Worked perfectly. We got a look into everyone’s world separately, and then we got to see this new world that they all share together. The chemistry with everyone was also really good. Especially with Luke Cage, and Danny. I’m really hoping that they work together in future seasons, or get their own show together like their comic book series run. img_6990

Daredevil and Jessica Jones were also good. I feel like Daredevil stole the show. He really did good with his acting and action scenes. His side story was also really good. I loved how they incorporated Electra into the main story. Made for a good side story for her and Daredevil. Also made for some good scenes between the two. Alexandra (Sigourney Weaver) was also a very good antagonist for this show. she really played her role, and was definitely villain material. She was an older person, but was definitely not to be taken lightly. She proved herself to be a formidable foe. Even her associates were no mere pushovers.

0b2743049c123828a41d7471bcf389ac-1024x640All in all, this is a very solid show.  It has it all. Action, comedy, suspense, and even some emotion moments. Then that ending…..that ending was something serious!! I cant wait to see whats next. Then, just when we thought it was all said and done….we get a teaser trailer for the new show The Punisher!! Which you can check out here. So, until next time…NerdNation Unite!!!!!!



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