The Steven Universe Takeover! #NerdNation #StevenUniverse #CartoonNetwork

636272136857688710-1527003903_f5aWith the constant changes being made in the world especially in the LBGT community as of late television programs like Steven Universe are becoming more popular. Teaching things like unity, acceptance, and love the TV show is quickly becoming a cult favorite with more merchandise and media attention by the day. The main character Steven, a young boy living in a place called Beach City is being raised by a group of aliens taking on the shape of humanoids. In an effort to keep their home planet from destrying the Earth these aliens known as the Crystal Gems are teaching the son of the rebellions leader (Steven) who  has the Rose Quartz gem to hone the powers of his mother. Half human and  half Gem this young hero faces everything with a smile. No matter how tough the situation he and his group always  find a way to overcome any obstacle, most times in the most unorthodox manner because as you know “if every pork chops were perfect we wouldn’t have hot dogs.” Exploring situations usually untouched by a program aimed for children, Steven Universe tackles topics like gender equality, same sex love, breaking traditonal roles and the stigmas associated with them. The tone that can be heard most clearly however is love and never allowing anyone to shame you into not feeling it. Overall Steven Universe has become one of the best programs on cable TV and can be enjoyed by the entire family. Tune into Cartoon Network for showings and airtimes of this game changing cartoon now on its fifth season.

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