Justice League Bringing The Heat!! #NerdNation #JusticeLeague #DC

jlNerdNation Unite!!!! So this past weekend Comic Con hit us with all kinds of goodies. We got to see a new trailer from the new Justice League movie, and maaaaaaaaaan was it AMAZING!! We saw a lot of new footage, and got our 1st look at the main villain Steppenwolf. We didn’t get a good look at his face, but we definitely got to see him make his grand entrance by the way of the famous super hero landing. Lol. (Below is a quick explanation of who he is, for those who want to know.)  img_6304

As one of the New Gods, Steppenwolf is the younger brother of Heggra, and the uncle of Uxas (Darkseid). He is also a member of Darkseid’s Elite. He leads the military of Apokolips. (Darkseid’s Military)

We also got to see more action scenes from all of the members. One of my favorite scenes that we were shown was when Aquaman was surfing on a Parademon!! Yes, you read that right. Scene was EPIC!! Also, I like how the speedforce looks in the movie. It looks really beautiful, and the way the use the effects to show The Flashes speed is also pretty dope. I really cant wait to see this movie. Then at the end of this epic freaking trailer, we were teased with another character. In my opinion, I think its a Green Lantern. I’m really hoping it is. This is also the 1st time that lanterns have been acknowledged in the DC Universe. So this is also very exciting. I really do think this movie will be good, and hopefully shut up the doubters of the DC Universe. If you want to see the trailer for yourself, you can check it out here.

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