Young Justice Returns For Season 4!! #Nerdnation #YoungJustice

NerdNation Unite!! So as you all know, this past weekend we were given sooooo much. Trailers back to back to back. New information, and just everything we could’ve asked for, and then some. So I’m just going to go over some of my favorite moments from Comic Con.

First I’m going to start of with the new information about Young Justice. We received the subtitle for season 3, which was titled Young Justice Outsiders. This is what started all the excitement for me this weekend, because I am a HUGE fan of the show, and because Nightwing is one of my favorite heroes of all time. New characters were revealed such as Static, Spoiler, Thirteen, and Arrrowette. If you know me, then you know that I’m a HUGE Static fan, so when I saw that he was joining the team, I was happy beyond words. Then we have the female character by the name of Spoiler. In the comics, she has gone by a few names. She was even Robin for a minute. Next we have 13, who is supposed to be an original character made just for this show. So I’m pretty excited to see her role on the team, and her abilities. Last, we have Arrowette. Another new archer, that I’m assuming is taking Artemis spot on the team. We were also shown some new stealth uniforms worn by Nightwing, Black Lightning, Artemis, and Connor. I cant lie, these new suits are AWESOME!! There are currently 12 episodes completed and 10 are currently being worked on, and 4 hasn’t been started yet for a completed season of 26 episodes. They even have ideas for a season 4 and 5. Young Justice: Outsiders is set to premiere on DC’s new exclusive streaming in 2018.

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