The Rise Of Prometheus!! Prometheus #1 #comics #comicbook #NerdNation #Prometheus @MrRyanComics

NerdNation Unite!! What’s up everyone? I’m here with something special for you all. I happen to run across a project that I think you all will enjoy. It’s a project called Prometheus. The people behind this amazing project is Ryan Little, Chris Shehan, and Yuan Cakra. Before going any further, I want to thank Mr. Ryan Little for giving me the opportunity to write this review. 

Ok, now let’s get to it. First of all, I want to say that the artwork in this comic is BEAUTIFUL. The colors, the tone of it, and the feel is perfect. The darker shades really help with the darker more grizzly feel to it. Really sets the tone for the type of story it is. Second, the plot. This comic is about the Titan Prometheus, and his journey after his newfound freedom. Here’s a synopsis of the plot. 

“You’ve heard the legend of Prometheus before; the titan who stole the flame of knowledge from the gods and gave it to mortal man, allowing us to grow and thrive.

For his trespass he was locked away to an eternal punishment at the hands of “The Eagle”, a creature of Olympus that would make sure humanity’s martyr would suffer for all time. 
Soon Prometheus faded from fact to fiction to legend —

But he never a gave up on us. 
The story begins with a battered Prometheus mysteriously liberated from his captivity and dying to see what mankind has made the knowledge he’s suffered so long for.”

Now I don’t know about you, but that sounds like a badass story to me. In this 5 issue story about his journey out of captivity Prometheus has to deal with a whole new world that he is unfamiliar with. Full of technology, pop culture, and all things of this new age in time. Prometheus is on a journey to find the Flame of Knowledge, which he suspects to have been stolen, and he makes it his mission to get it back. In this new age, he’s considered to be something that doesn’t exist. This comic is categorized as a “John Wick style fantasy revenge Odyssey” and it definitely gives that feel. Action, revenge, pain, beauty, and relatability. This comic has it all. This comic is 100% completed, but needs your help to be put out there for everyone to enjoy. I’ve only read some of it, and I’m already wanting more. So, if you’d like to help with this project you can go to his Kickstarter account and support by clicking here. I’m really looking forward to more of this comic. 
So, until next time……NerdNation Unite!!!!

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