Stranger Things Season 2 Drops Monstrous New Poster #StrangerThings #StrangerThings2 #NerdNation

NerdNation Unite!!!!! Today, we received a nice little treat from the people over at Netflix. They dropped this new poster for the 2nd season of highly loved show Stranger Things. Me personally, I can’t wait!! The 1st season was so amazing, that I was instantly ready for the next season. I’m pretty sure that the followup season will be just as good. The 1st teaser was dropped during the Super Bowl, and can be seen by clicking here. This teaser got me so hype!! It was full of little easter eggs, and nods to more nostalgia. For instance, we got a few scenes with the guys dressed up in Halloween costumes as the Ghostbusters. I really love how they pay respects to classics in this show. Makes me love the show that much more.landscape-1486986380-stranger-things-mike-wheeler-2017_StrangerThings22_Netflix_060217

Looks like the crew is going to be up against a much larger threat than the last time. The new poster looks like something is trying to tear through into our world. I’m really excited to see where things go in this second season. There show has really set the bar during its 1st season, and I can only imagine where season 2 will take us. So until then, I think I’m going to binge watch it a few more times to make sure I’m ready for the season 2 premier, which drops October 27th. The new teaser that was released today can be seen here. I hope you all are as excited as I am, cause I can’t wait!!


Until next time…..NerdNation Unite!!!!



  1. I’m such a loser. I still haven’t watched this show yet; and I remember last DragonCon saying I would, especially due to so many people being dressed up as the characters. Looks like I’ve got time – I’m pretty sure I can beat an October deadline. 😀

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