Grab Yourself a Corona!

I think it’s fair to say that nerdom/geekdom extends well beyond the typical subject matter in many cases – comics, superhero movies, video games – and can easily move into the territory of huge passion regarding other interests.  So with that said, this one’s for all the science/space geeks out there. πŸ™‚  In case you weren’t aware, on August 21st there will be a total solar eclipse visible from the North American continent, spanning from the Pacific to the Atlantic.  Various organizations and facilities are already making plans to celebrate the day and event, so it’s something you’re probably not going to want to miss!  The partial eclipse will be visible from all parts of North America, but totality – i.e., the full eclipsing of the sun by the moon, and visibility of the sun’s corona – will only be visible within a limited travel path.  So if you’re close enough to somewhere on that path, skip work, skip school, skip the dentist, skip breakfast, skip rope – just making sure you’re still paying attention… – whatever you have to do, make it a point to take part.  The last time a total solar eclipse was visible on our humble continent, with a similar path of travel, was June 1918; so chances are we won’t witness another event like it in our lifetime, and one day of being a little less career/education responsible probably won’t break us, yeah?

For us in the Birmingham, AL area (home for me), totality ain’t happenin’ unfortunately… BUT, our dear old neighbor Nashville, TN, is only about 3 hours north of us – so me and mine are taking a trip to borrow some sugar from good ol’ Mr. Nashvegas and to catch a glimpse at possibly THE celestial event of the century. πŸ˜€  In fact, there’s a science center/planetarium in Nashville that has an entire weekend of events scheduled to celebrate.  Party, my friends…partee

Ok, now that you’ve heard all the convincing and my own personal brand of hype, time to get on board!  Here’s some info that will hopefully expedite your affirmation to partake in the coming apocalypse that is nighttime at daytime.  C’mon, live a little!!

2017 Solar Eclipse Info (Path of Totality Map) :

Safety Tips for Viewing the Eclipse : 

Eclipsing @ Adventure Science Center, Nashville :

Interesting Info About the Eclipse : 

See ya out there! (Or maybe I won’t, because it’ll be dark…) πŸ˜‰

* Image credit: Reinhold Wittich

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