God Of Speed Savitar’s Reveal!! SPOILERS!! #NerdNation #TheFlash

savitar1 (1)OMG!! Tonight’s episode of CW’s The Flash was EPIC!! We were given so much, and its delivery was perfect. We started off by getting an example of Killer Frost’s powers inside of a lab. This scene was done beautifully!! Barry even did this pretty cool trick where he made a flame thrower by snapping his fingers to start a flame and using a spray can to start the torch. It was so cool. This episode did an amazing job at displaying everyone’s powers. We saw Killer Frost glide through the city on an icy path that she created, while The Flash chased her. Of course there was also some Drama. There always has to be some kind of drama. This drama completely caught me off guard. Joe’s girlfriend told him that she loved him, and he didn’t say it back. Just kinda brushed it off, then he later broke up with her because he didn’t want anything to happen to her. He didn’t want to bring her into his lifestyle, but as soon as he did that …..Killer Frost snatched her up and held her hostage. She tells Joe she wants the scientist that they have helping them, or she will kill Joe’s girlfriend. Then that’s when things really got crazy. Team Flash makes a plan to get her back. They meet up and confront Killer Frost, and she begins to tell Barry how Savitar knows his every move, and she starts to say everything at the same time as Barry because Savitar told her exactly what he was going to say, Cisco and Killer Frost go at it, and Cisco finally let’s go against Killer Frost, and knocks her out. He then uses the time to take a blood sample, so they can try to make a cure for her. Then Savitar comes in and grabs Killer Frost, and speeds away. flash

Later on after everything went down, the West family and Barry went back to the house, and Joe was telling them how him and his girlfriend patched things up, and that he told her everything about them being team Flash. During this conversation, Barry realizes he knows who Savitar is, and he speeds out to meet him. He calls out and confronts Savitar and then Savitar reveals who he is…..which is none other than Barry Allen himself from the future!!!! Man, this episode was packed with information, and eye candy for all fans. I can’t WAIT till next weeks episode!! Until next time….NerdNation Unite!!!!!!!!!!!FLS_30_86_535a7868728dd4.50553078


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