Grimm Bids Farewell..#Grimm 

Last night NBC’s Grimm came to an end after 6 seasons, and 123 episodes. Grimm made its premier on October 28th 2011, and has been full steam ever sense. I was late to the show, but when I started I instantly became addicted to it. I binged the 1st 3 seasons and then watch the rest every week feening for the next episode. The story and characters in this show were very good. I was definitely into the overall plot, and events that were going on each season. The characters were very relatable, and it just made me like the show that much more. I almost felt like I was a part of show, because it made me feel all kinds of emotions. 

Grimm is a show that takes place in Portland, Oregon. It follows a homicide detective by the name Nick Burkhardt and his friends. Nick discovers that his family is special because he is a part of a bloodline of Grimms. Grimms are hunters of Wessen(fairy-tale creatures). Grimms are the only ones who can see Wessen besides other Wessen. To everyone else they look like regular humans, but when they become emotional they woge (change into true form). When Nick 1st sees this he thinks he’s going crazy, but then finds out why he can see it. The reason Grimms are so feared, is because the royal family used them during the medieval times to hunt down and kill Wessen. Nick is different than other Grimms, because he doesn’t want to just kill every one. He wants to help. 

There are so many good characters in this show like Hank the partner/friend, Monroe the friend/Wessen specialist, Wu the detective/friend, Renard the police chief/royal family member, Juliette/Eve the ex girlfriend, Rosalee the friend/herbs and spices specialist, Adalind the Wessen/lawyer, and Trubel the Grimm. 

Last night’s series finale was an emotional roller-coaster. So many things happened last night. It was just destroying me. Lol. Feelings were all over the place. People were dying left and right. People who were already dead started coming back, and I was just loosing my mind. I mean the show literally opened with 2 of the main characters dying. We saw how everything connected and came full circle. It was definitely an episode to make you stay on the edge of your seat. I really enjoyed it. We even got a happy ending. I was really happy with the way things ended. I’m honestly hoping for a spin-off of the show…

Until next time…NerdNation Unite!!

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