Black Lightning Strikes!! #BlackLightning #NerdNation 

So today we finally got our first look at Cress Williams as the superhero Black Lightning. The show is currently filming in Atlanta for its pilot episode. If The CW decides to pick up the show, it will become a part of the current universe they have built with The Flash, Arrow, Supergirl, and Legends Of Tomorrow. 

Black Lightning was created in 1977, and was the first African-American DC Comics superhero to get his own standalone comic book. If this show gets the greenlight, it would be amazing!! He has some good material to work with, and has pretty much worked with everyone. This would also definitely bring in more people to the cw, being that it’s an African-American superhero with his own show. 

Black Lightning also has some pretty cool powers. He has the ability to generate electrical energy. The amount of energy that he can generate is unknown. He’s even used his energy to restart Superman’s heart. That’s just how awesome he is. Batman has also trained him in hand to hand combat, so he’s pretty bad ass. 

Just with that little information, you can see just how much potential this show has. I’m really hoping that The CW picks this show up. So my fingers are crossed…..

Until next time…NerdNation Unite!! 

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