New Power Rangers Movie Hits Right In The Nostalgia, Stays True To Fans, And Fresh For New Newcomers!! *SPOILERS!!#PowerRangersMovie #NerdNation

power_rangers_the_movie_2017_by_stanaddams-da1l9agOk, so going into this movie I didn’t want to have my hopes to high, or get to excited. For one, I’m a HUGE fan of the series. I’ve been watching Power Rangers (1993) since the beginning. I’ve even watched the Japanese version of it that started it all. So when I say that I’m a true fan, I mean it. I even own my own share of Power Rangers collectables. Lol. So needless to say, the fandom is definitely real. So when I say I was a little nervous about this, I was legit worried. For one, I was excited because I was thinking its been a long time since we’ve had one, and I think us as the fans deserve it. Then at the same time I was scared that it would be handled the wrong way, and something that I love could be destroyed. So like I said, I went in this movie with low expectations, but excited because its something that ive loved since my childhood.

Ok…now here come the SPOILERS!!

WOW!! This movie opened up with an AMAZING scene!! I mean it shows us a little bit of the origin of Zordon, and the other rangers. The opening scene reveals to us that Zordon himself was the original red ranger fighting on a prehistoric land, and that the rest of the rangers were dead. We are even shown the yellow ranger as she dies talking to Zordon, revealing to us that she is an alien. Then we see Zordon contacting Alpha 5 to send the meteor to destroy them. We then see a green ranger walk up, and its revealed to be Rita. What?! You mean to tell me that this is the way that this movie starts?? OMG, I was not ready. When I tell you I’m on the edge of my seat already hype, I mean it. Lol, the movie could’ve ended there, and I would’ve been begging for more. Lol. So, at this point we know that Rita was formally part of the ranger team as the green ranger, but got hungry for power and turned against the team. She was after a power source known as the Zeo Crystal. When this was revealed I was like OMG!! They brought the Zeo Crystal into this? This can be set up for so many things in the future. So already at this point I’m completely invested into this movie. So, Alpha 5 sends the attack down, and destroys everything and while Zordon uses his body to cover and protect the power coins. MMPR-2017-Teasers

Time fast forwards 65 millions years into the future where we are introduced to the 5 teenagers with attitude. Jason, Billy, Kimberly, Trini, and Zach. This movie does a good job at introducing each character, and giving then all good back stories. We see them all meet for the first time when they find the power coins due to Billy blowing a hole in the side of the mine. Each teenager picks up their respective coin and then the authorities show up. The rangers run to get away, but get split up. Jason and Billy escape together in Billy’s moms van. While driving away, they pick up the rest of the team to try to escape from the authorities. The only way to escape is to cross some train tracks with an oncoming train. Billy is driving, and tries to out run the train, but doesn’t make it. The van is hit by the train, and totaled. next thing we see is the rangers waking up the next morning in their own beds. Neither of them could remember how they got home from the accident, and they all realized that something was different about them. THey all have enhanced abilities. This is different from the original story, because powers were usually only accessable once morphed. Also during this time Rita is awakened from being in some kind of sleep, and immediately going on a killing spree to restore her full powers and to resurrect Goldar to use him to dig up the Zeo Crystal.power-rangers-2017-movie-zordon.jpg

The rangers meet back up at school the next day, ad decide to go back to the mines where they found the power coins. When they get there, they do some exploring and find the command center. Alpha 5 are introduced for the 1st time, and its a pretty funny introduction. Then Alpha 5 takes the rangers to meet Zordon for the 1st time. I must say, I really do like the way that made Zordon’s appearance in this movie. It was a fresh take on the idea. So from here Zordon pretty much explains whats going on, and gives the whole “The fate of the world lies in your hands” speech. lol. From here things really start to pick up. We see the rangers go through training to get ready to fight Rita. We even see the Zords for a bit before they are actually used. Zach even snuck away and took his Zord for a joyride. So we get a preview of what to expect from them. Throughout all of this we find out that the rangers cant morph because they aren’t connected. This causes a big problem because without the ability to morph they don’t stand a chance against Rita.

So during this time, Rita decides to pay a visit to Trini to see if she knows where the Zeo Crystal is, and finds out that she can’t even morph. So Rita decides to rough her up a little bit, and then tries to get her to join her. She tells her to meet her with the information she needs.13697995_1847431892144658_913590402469978710_oTrini goes back and tells the other rangers what happened, and Jason thinks it’s a good idea to go after Rita on their own without the ability to morph. Bad idea. Lol, the rangers get their butts handed to them easily. Then a big twist happens in the movie, that I’m sure nobody saw coming. They kill Billy!! Like really kill him. i was not ready. So the rangers take his body back to Zordon to see if he could help, but he says he can’t. So the morphing grid opens up, and Alpha tells Zordon this is his only chance to come back to his regular physical form. Zordon uses this to help resurrect Billy, instead of coming back himself. This moment brings the team closer because it helps them realize just how much they mean to each other, and it allows them to finally be able to morph.power-rangers-posterThe rangers suit up for the 1st time, and go out to find Rita to stop her. Now we see the rangers actually fight the putties, and not a training hologram of them. the fight scenes were pretty cool, and i honestly wish they gave us more, but it served its purpose. By this time Rita has assembled Goldar and is making her way to the Zeo Crystal. The rangers catch up with them for the final showdown. They go at it with the Zords, and take down Goldar, but just when they think its over, Goldar and Rita merge for even more power. Rita begins to attack and damage the zords. She pushes them all into the pit where the crystal is, and it looks bad for the rangers, but just when we think its al over the fully connected Megazord rises from the flames to kick Rita’s butt!! This fight was very short, but served its purpose. Then the Megazord smacked Rita into outer space. lol (Hilarious). The movie ends shortly after this with the team being shown back at school in detention together.

Then, there was this awesome after credit scene where the teacher was looking for the one and only Tommy Oliver!! This is hinting to a sequel, that I am anxiously looking forward to. So, in my opinion….this movie was MORPHINOMINAL!! Lol, and ill give it a 8.5 out of 10!!

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