The Magic Of Beauty And The Beast

beauty-and-the-beast-2017-1Whats up fellow Nerds?! So I finally made it to the theater to see Beauty And The Beast, and I loved it!! It took me back to my childhood, and had felt very nostalgic. I constantly found myself getting excited for certain scenes that were spot on with the original animated movie. I also caught myself swaying around and singing to the songs that I already knew. I mean it just felt really natural to watch. I also loved the visuals of this movie. They were amazing!! I was expecting this anyway, especially from Disney. Lol. Everything from the little town that everyone lived in, to the woods, to the castle that Beast and his servants lived in. I loved how the live action movie gave more depth to the characters, and made them more realistic. It did a good job in establishing, and setting itself apart from the animated movie just enough to make it more realistic, and believable. This was a beautiful display of effects, colors, and creativity. The costumes were on point for all of the charecters. Also, another thing that I really liked was the Disney intro/logo that plays before every Disney movie. It was a live castle for this movie. I’m assuming it will be used for all of the live action Disney movies. Regardless of the fact, I really like it, and hope it’s here to stay. There was so many good things about this movie. There were some not so good parts, but the good outweighed the bad. The only bad I would say, is that the pacing was a little off. It went a little fast, then slowed up to a decent pace, and then it took off again. That’s really the only issue that I have with this movie. Now, theses special effects were awesome!! The town, animals, scenery, the woods, and the castle. When the prince changed into the beast, an even the servants that were transformed from the curse were done very well.

rs_634x924-170126114757-634-emma-watson-belle-beauty-and-the-beast-poster-012617First I want to talk about Emma Watson as Belle, and how she did an AMAZING job as Belle to me. She was very believable, and she also looked the part. She didn’t over do it at all, but instead played the character convincingly. The chemistry that she had with Beast, and her father was also very good, and convincing. I also like the little extra scene with her that explains what happened to her mother. I thought that added a lot more depth to her character, and also answered the question to those people who wanted to know what happened to her. So I really enjoyed that part. Also, I love how the singing was natural. They didn’t try to edit the voices to make it sound better. It all came together smoothly, and I think she was the perfect person for the role.

beauty-and-the-beast-credit-disneyNow lets talk about The Beast, played by Dan Stevens. I feel like this role was also played and cast very well. I was a little sketchy about this character from seeing him in the trailers, but after seeing the movie, those doubts were gone. He had really great chemistry with Emma Watson, and made me feel some empathy for him. This is really a good portrayal of the Beast. There were scenes with the Beast that were so spot on with the animated version that it was a little bit scary. I loved how they were able to get the actor to look so much like the character from the animated verson when he turned back human in the end. That was another good part in the movie, that was due to another great character.

Once again, this was an amazing movie that I would recommend to anyone to go see. I cant wait to get more of these live action Disney remakes. If they are like this and The Jungle Book, then we are in for some really good movies, and that really makes me happy. I also really think that these remakes will bridge the gap between the generations that these movies were first introduced. To the generation that is being introduced to this for the first time through live action, and to the generation that grew up with the animated movie, this will bring generations together with a common interest, and love for Disney movies. I’m going to give this move a 8/10. Until next time…NerdNation Unite!!!!


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