OMG!! What an AMAZING episode!! I could not take my eyes of off the screen. There were so many cameos in this episode from some of my favorite characters, and also a few surprises along the way. This episode, Barry goes into the Speed Force to save Wally, and bring him back home. While in the speedforce, Barry sees a lot of his past nemesis, and also runs into some old friends. So we get to see a few people from past seasons, that honestly is pretty awesome!! I’m not going to lie, I was pretty hype when these charecters showed up. It made the episode that much better. This episode forced Barry to deal with his demons head on, and unfortunately sacrifices had to be made. The ending of this episode didn’t disappoint either. It definitely messed me up, and caused me to feel some type of way about it, but that just the episode that much better!! This season is just continuing to get better and better, and I know that its going to end with a BANG!!


Still, there are so many unanswered questions and theories still out there pertaining to what the identity of Savitar is. Some say its Wally, some say it HR, and some even say its Barry. In my opinion, at first, I honestly thought it was Wally. Like without a doubt I had it set in my brain that Wally was Savitar, but then after rewatching a few episodes, and doing a little research, I am now convinced that Savitar is none other than…..dun dun dunnnn…..Barry Allen!! So here’s my theory. I mean everything is starting to add up. Savitar even admitted to Barry saying that he was the “Future Flash”.(seen in the pic below) Future Flash is a comic book story line going on that is about a blue Flash from the future that goes on a killing spree taking out villans in his timeline to build enough speed, so that he could come back and save Wally. His suit is blue, and even the lightning around him is blue, just like Savitar!! Later on we find out that the blue “Future Flash” is none other than Barry Allen himself from 20 years in the future that comes back to try to fix things. This then goes into an even deeper storyline, that I highly recommend. This is why I believe that Barry Allen is Savitar. This is just my theory though. If you have another theory, please share it with me. I’d love to hear about it!! Until next time!! NerdNation out!!FLS_30_86_535a7868728dd4.50553078