Buffy Still Slaying after 20 Years!! #BuffySlays20 #NerdNation

Today marks the 20 year anniversary of Buffy The Vampire Slayer. A cult classic, and pioneer for tv shows of its kind. This show ran for 7 seasons, and 145 episodes. The show was written and directed by the one and only Joss Whedon. The show was about a teenage highschool girl who lived in Sunnydale, California, who was a  vampire slayer, who faced everyday problems while also kicking evil butt that was attracted to the “Hellmouth” that was under her city. This show was full of vampires, zombies, demons, and pretty much any type of monster you can name. It had humor, emotion, and even awesome special episodes every season that included musicals, and a silent episode. This was everything a nerd like myself wanted in a show, and every week this show delivered. The character’s were likeable, and very relatable. You got to see each of the charecters grow, and build relationships thorough-out the show, that just made you feel even more a part of the show. I even had one of my first Hollywood crushes on Willow (Alyson Hannigan) during the time of this show. The show was highly addictive, and is still to this day very relevant. I recently binge watched the whole series, and I must say that I enjoyed it just as much now as I did before, if not more. Me personally, I wish the show would’ve lasted just a little longer, because I enjoyed it just that much. This show paved the way for many of the shows we have today. So, on that note I just want to say Happy Anniversary to one of my favorite shows of all time!! Keep Slaying!!!!

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