The Flash:S3E5 The Wrath Of Savitar/ SPOILERS!!

Tonight’s episode of The Flash: Wrath of Savitar was an emotional roller-coaster of events. This is definitely going down as one of, if not my favorite episode. I don’t even know where to begin. Ok, so soooo many events took place tonight. The episode starts off with a 3 way race between Barry, Wally, and Jesse. Of course Barry wins, but Wally proves that he’s fast enough to save Iris. Next, Wally starts hallucinating. He began to see Savitar, but decided to keep it to himself. This was a bad idea of course, because over time thing began to get worse (of course lol). Savitar begin to appear to him more and more, and eventually got physical with him. The problem was that Wally was the only one that could see him. So Barry saw that he was seeing Savitar, and confronted Wally about it. Wally told Barry everything that he had seen, and because of this he and Barry got into an argument because he wanted to bench Wally because of a possible connection to Savitar. Wally got upset because of this, and went to ask Cisco if he could vibe him to the future to when Iris is killed, so he could see what happened to help fix it. Cisco vibed I’m to the future, but this made things worse. Wally came back and angry and confronted Barry, because he realized that the only reason Barry proposed to Iris when he did, is because in the future when Iris dies, they aren’t engaged. This causes a problem between Barry and Iris, and She storms out. So, the team looks for a way to find out how and why Savitar is communicating with Wally. So, they get this idea to use Julian to channel and communicate with Savitar. This plan works, but they also find out that Savitar has a plan of his own, and that he claims to be close to escaping. After this happens the team learns that Caitlin kept a piece of the Philosophers Stone to try to find a way to get rid off, or suppress her powers. they now know that this is what Savitar needs to escape, but they have it in their possession, but Wally takes the stone without them knowing. Wally then begins to hallucinate again, and sees his mom. At first he falls for the illusion, but then realizes that it’s just Savitar playing mind games again. So Wally runs to try to beat Savitar on his own. Jessie tries to stop him, but can’t. She runs to tell Barry what Wally is doing. They try to find him, but they cant because he turned his tracker off. While they are searching for him, Wally is talking to Savitar while trying to destroy the piece of Philosiphers Stone. Turns out it’s a trap to get Wally to open the Speed Force, and it works. Right as Barry arrives at the scene, Savitar pulls Wally into the portal and traps him in the Speed Force. Savitar reveals his plan that he was manipulating Wally the whole time, and needed Barry to help him to become faster so that he can take his place in the Speed Force. Barry and Savitar have an intense battle, and Barry gets badly injured by Savitar to end the episode. So now Barry is injured, Wally is trapped in the Speed Force, and Savitar is free. This was definitely a very entertaining episode, and I’m really looking forward to next weeks episode. Until next time…

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