The Magic Has Returned !!! #NerdNation #TheMagicians #SyFy 

So unless you've been sleeping under a rock somewhere you have seen the smash hit currently on SYFY The Magicians. With a cast of solid gold, the show has consistently risen in both it's hilarity and ability to remain relevent. Creating an atmosphere that envolpes you into a world within worlds, Fillory is full of... Continue Reading →

The King Is Coming!! #BlackPanther #Marvel #Wakanda #WakandaForever

Last night a new TV spot, and probably the last type of trailer for the upcoming movie Black Panther was released. This trailer shows very little new footage, but still just enough to get you even more excited than you already were. The music in the background of the footage was a new song by... Continue Reading →

This House Is BITCHIN!!

What's up Flashes? Now you know your girl was gonna bring it after that EXPLOSIVE first episode of season four!! Mannnnnn let me tell you: That house was BITCHIN!!! The first episode of the season did NOT disappoint! It was so jam packed with action, I nearly passed out at least 3 times and cried... Continue Reading →

((Flash Fans)) The End is Almost Near!! Spilling the Tea on The Flash Season 4

Good afternoon to all Flash fans around the world! As we're all waiting with baited breath for Season 4 to premier on October 10,  I know many of us are looking forward to THE event of the season: Barry and Iris's wedding!! Season 3 left us standing in the dust holding our wedding invitations immersed... Continue Reading →

Static Shock: A shock to your System!! #NerdNation #Static #MelaninMonday #animation #comics #cartoon #comicbook #titans #dccomics #dcuniverse #Milestone #dakotaverse

What's up everyone?! Today I'm kicking off #MelaninMonday with none other than Virgil Hawkins, A.K.A. Static!! This is one of my favorite comic book characters ever. So today, I'm going to tell you a little about him, and who knows, maybe if help make some new fans. Static was created by Milestone Comics founders Dwayne... Continue Reading →

Summerslam 2k17 Results and Review #Summerslam #Wwe #Wrestling #Nerdnation

WARNING SPOILERS !! Okay so first off this was amazing! However The kick-offs only mentionable fight was between The Usos and The New Day(c) for the Smackdown Live! (SDL) Tag Team Titles.  Starting strong and using their numbers to their advantage the New Day were taking it to the Uso twins Xavier Woods being the first man in  Jimmy decides to... Continue Reading →

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